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Italo-Americani.To a Pd-Pdl government. Grillo menaced by mafia.

domenica 7 aprile 2013

As the M5Stars Beppe Grillo said just one day after the election, the next Government will be probably a Pd-Pdl one.

After Bersani failed to find the numbers to support his premiership, after also President Napolitano'attempt whit the "ten wises", italian politic is going to find a deal of "second republic" forces: Pd and Berlusconi, left and right(altough here we can say they have more or less the same program on almost every point -cultural, economic, political).

While Grillo has been menaced by mafia for his no-way connection with any kind of mafia-ististutional pact(pd and pdl politicians are in the Parlament from 25 years, and it's pretty sure some of them are linked to mafia), while Italy is living the biggest economic depression since 1946, the answer of the political forces is a back to the past action, to survive until the next elections and to find a new Republic President-Napolitano is ending his 7 years task in these months.

Anyway, the big success of M5S brought a new wind of change: the movement refused the statal financiament for the electoral campaign-42,7 euro million- and also put a limit to the salary of his parlamentaries.

The other political forces are starting to move in this direction, nevertheless all the media are trying to make a big communication campaign against Grillo, just because frightened to lose their statal money(all big journals and tv here are paid by citizens).

But Beppe's coerence is taking to Pd's disintegration, with new face major of Florence Renzi taking day after day more supporting instead of "ancient regime" Bersani Pd secretary.

We will see what's going on in the next days for the President Election and who will be the next-probably for few months- first minister.

A big huge, un abbraccio a tutti.

Simone Lettieri

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