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The protest from Turkey transfers to Bosnia Herzegovina.

venerdì 14 giugno 2013

The whole of Europe is experiencing changes: economic, social and political. Recently, Turkey has started with protest and it were transferred on Bosnia an Herzegovina. Indeed, the reasons are not the same: Turkey has a good economic situation, but democracy is on low level while BiH situation is vice versa: bad economic situation and formal democracy. But aims are same: overthrow and subversion of the existing government.

It all began last Wednesday when angry young parents besieged parliament, demanding lawmakers pass a law on national ID numbers, which citizens need to obtain passports and other documents. The old law lapsed in February, leaving all babies born in the country since then without personal documents.

More than 1,500 lawmakers and others were trapped inside parliament until police freed them Thursday after a 12-hour standoff with protesters, including mothers pushing baby carriages.

On Monday, BiH citizens took to the streets again in what have become daily protests, demanding politicians start doing their jobs and stop ethnic bickering. Protesters marched past official buildings, including the presidency, before ending at parliament.

To date widespread of BiH there is a several protests against government: it is a big step for BiH because there is a deep national divisions after war, so this is a first time that BiH citizens go together against politicans. BiH is seperate on two entities: Federation of BiH- majority of Bosniaks and Croats and Republika Srpska- majority of Serbs.

Jarmiana Vicoskib

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