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Italo-Americani. What's the political situation in Italy.

venerdì 22 marzo 2013

We start up this new review for all the italians who lives in the States.

Dear friends of America, you are living the worst economic depression after the 1929's one.
In Europe, Germany not included, it's more or less the same.
More or less because we never had this strongness of American economy,the flexibility that gives you the chance to lose your job at 45 and having a new one after a month. At least before the crisys.
What's new in Italy?
Well, there 's something really new, something that someone here compared with the 68 "revolution". The "new" youngs, people among 30 and 40 years old, voted Movimento5Stelle. 25% at the last elections. It's big stuff, people, especially for a movement that does not have any kind of public payment behind(all political parties here have big money for the election's campaign).
And Beppe Grillo, the boss of the M5S, get this 25% just saying what most of italians feel:" Stop with this kind of soft dictature, stop with the old party: here you cannot say republicans or democratics, nevertheless you can speak about left or right. Here the politicians are the same since 30 years, changing seat in the Parlament but living in a virtual world so far from people!"

Anyway,about one month after the election, it will be very hard to have a Government ( the only chance is to link Pd-the alleged left- with Pdl-the alleged right- or with ex premier Mario Monti Scelta Civica).

Otherwise there will be other elections. In that case, the new name who has great chance to win is the Major of Firenze, Matteo Renzi, who arrived second in the inner consultations of Pd, behind actual secretary Bersani.
He's young, good communication, and make his owns the proposals of Grillo M5S.

Well, i'm pretty sure you want to know about Berlusconi too: without any doubt he's the best in communication. In 2 months, with Pdl that for many polls was without chance, arrived next to Pd, just half point of difference. He's now, as always in his political career, fighting with justice. He's for a big alliance with Pd. But, as for the lasts-wrongs- ones, polls says that in case of elections the 2 big parties will be Pd and M5S. 

In this situation, 7 milion of italians have economic problems, and Ue, an organization based only on economic beings, without any kind of cultural and political integrations(frenchs feels frenchs, italians feels italians, and so on), is having big problems of economical coordination.

Un saluto from Italy!

Simone Lettieri

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