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Italo-Americani.This morning big news on italian politic situation

sabato 30 marzo 2013

We therefore. Today should melt the reserves for understanding who will be governed Italy, at least for the next 6 months.

After the task of exploratory Bersani, that was not successful, is directly Giorgio Napolitano, who stood in the forefront, and on his decision will depend the immediate future of the peninsula.

Received the vetoes of the three political majority, the President of the Republic has two viable hypotheses: a "government of the President", thus related to its mandate, with a high-profile name possibly derived from the Constitutional Court, with a time of political 'action no more' than six months hence, at least in the forecasts.

The second hypothesis, more 'breaking, is that of resignation. It seems hard to assume such a choice, because politically unwise may alert even more 'international markets: you should expect that the political forces involved to agree on the name of the new President, and then start again the consultations , in this case with more chance of success, precisely because we start from a common basis.

By the morning, the choice should be in the public domain.

Simone Lettieri

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