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Italo-Americani. Political situation in Italy: the shameful suggestion of Bersani.

giovedì 18 aprile 2013

We are overthere. We are just in the point that the "casta", the transversal political lobby, which is in the Parlament since 20 and more years, is next to show what it is in its real form.
Right and left together, Bersani kiss Berlusconi on the cheek, while M5S push their contradictions  in front of the public opinion.
What happened yesterday-the proposal of Franco Marini, ex minister of Andreotti!!! Government, as Presidente della Repubblica- it's something that could kill any wind of change for italian citizens.
Something so dirty, so careless of 55 million people opinion, so smelly of a "mafia way of moving"; something that show what really are Pd and Pdl : two faces of the same coin.
Bersani is under great pression, loses the election after being sure to win, didn't discharge form secretary, and now goes on the knees in front of public opinion number one enemy: Silvio Berlusconi.
For foreigner observer, and also inners one, it's not a news. I mean, in 20 years Berlusconi always have been saved from his processes and his business corructions affairs more than one time from Pd, before Ds.
And what does it mean: simply that Berlusconi is so powerful that he can show his corrupted face in front of everyone. In the left there is not a personality so powerful, so they propose themselves as good fella. 
But, beyond the massmedia strategy of communication, there are the facts, the political choices: study them and you know about waht is Italy now, except for M5S, the only one capable to intercept the will of news of italian population.
Together with economic disasters, what the "casta" is doing worst is to keep out dignity to every italian citizen.

A big huge, 
Simone Lettieri

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