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Italians around the world. The political situation in Italy.

mercoledì 3 luglio 2013

Dear Italians around the world,
bad news for everybody who cares about our nation.
The political situation is completely stopped by the "governissimo", a remake of ex Democrazia Cristiana hidden by the names Pd-Pdl.
And while the country is getting always more down in economy, politicians, as always, doesn't care about social conseguences.

Beppe Grillo, the only one who is fighting against casta(privilege politicians partnership), all the media controlled by Pd-Pdl move the attention of italians to few no-sense arguments.

M5s, always trough Beppe, is asking to Presidente della Repubblica Napolitano to go in tv and fire the actual government, saying to the whole nation what's happening in the real economy.

But italians here are pretty conditioned by tv and newspaper, who goes in only one direction: defense of the casta privileges, that means tv and newspapers defense of privileges.

While Economy Minister Saccomanni says that at the end of 2013 Italy will start to grow up again, Minister of Development Zanolato and chief of industrial Squinzi, just today say the opposite: Italy is going down, and in a bad way.

A big huge from Rome, 
Simone Lettieri

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