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Italo-Americani: who will you vote for?

giovedì 15 febbraio 2018

Dear Italo-Americans, a question to understand how do you think overthere and to know what's going on about Italy political situation before the election in March.
So, who you will vote?
Because here in Rome, in Italy, it's pretty hard to choose among ancient regime( Democrazia Cristiana: Pd plus Pdl-Forza Italia), and Movimento5Stelle.
Big struggle men!
For people from 18 to 50, it's so hard to find somebody you can trust.
Just a little hope is still alive in Movimento5Stelle, but all the others is like to vote people as Pierferdinando Casini, his 14 "legislatura"...He is in the Parliament since the times of Garibaldi more or less.
Anyway, hope you have some good ideas to suggest us. Maybe faraway from here it's easier to understand!

Simone Lettieri

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